#1 WordPress Speed Optimization Service

Delivering High Quality User Experience Through Page Speed Optimization
Wordpress Speed Optimization Service

Less Bounces More Sales

Taken from thinkwithgoogle, the less time your page load, the minimum of your visitor bounces. Which means, less visitor bounces will bring more opportunity for your products to be seen.

Longer page load time will make your potential buyers close your page before they even see your product.

User Experience is the Key to Success

Delivering HIGH QUALITY user experience equals to the quality of your content. Don’t let your potential buyers flee away just because they are frustrated with the loading time of your website. Content is still the King, yet the King should run LIGHTNING FAST.

WordPress Speed Optimization Techniques

Below are the things I do to speed up your wordpress loading time. Some techniques include an installation of wordpress plugin.

The good thing is, all plugins used in my wordpress speed optimization service are free plugins, they are all available in the wordpress repository. Thanks to that, you will not be charged for extra fee in the future.

First Level Play

Combine and Minify

I will combine and minify css and js files. Using a special technique which will not break your website’s look.

Image Optimization

I will compress images on your website. My compression method will preserve the look of your images.

Caching System

I will implement page caching system that will make your website load in less than 2 seconds.

High Level Play

Eliminate Render-blocking Resources

I will reorder your css and javascript files position. It will make your visitors see your contents earlier than before.

Webp Implementation

Complying to modern technology, I will convert your images to webp format. Visually no different.

Generate Critical CSS

I will generate critical css lines for your website. I am doing this manually using a special tool.

the Next Level Play

Optimize External Fonts

I will make your website loads external fonts blazingly fast by hosting them locally and optimizing its present.

Configure CDN

I will configure CDN Service from CDN Hosting Providers. Your website will load faster for visitors around the world.

Server Migration

I will implement page caching Migrate your server to a better place. I will setup, secure, and optimize it like my very own baby.


Single Page


  • Single Page Only
  • Google PSI Mobile 90+
  • Google PSI Desktop 90+
  • gtMetrix Loads up to 3s
  • 2 Days Turn Around Time

Post Type


  • All Pages under One Post Type
  • Google PSI Mobile 90+
  • Google PSI Desktop 90+
  • gtMetrix Loads up to 3s
  • 3 Days Turn Around Time

Whole Website


  • the Whole Website
  • Google PSI Mobile 90+
  • Google PSI Desktop 90+
  • gtMetrix Loads up to 3s
  • Free Server Setup
  • Free Migration Service
  • Free Layout Fix Service
  • 5 Days Turn Around Time


What Tools to Measure?

We’ll be using google pagespeed insight and gtMetrix.com. The goal is to get 90+ score on both mobile and desktop google pagespeed insight, and loads less than 3s on gtMetrix desktop no matter what the score is.

We dont need to achieve A on gtmetrix. It is not worthed. I have  a reason for this, for example, gtmetrix will score a website a “B” grade if it’s not using CDN. However, it becomes irrelevant if your site only targets people in one region. Content Delivery Network become useful if you target people worldwide. Also I’ve seen sometimes it’s faster without CDN.

Another reason is that gtMetrix score, or problems, do not show up in your Google Search Console.

What Access Needed to Optimize the Website?

I need access to at least your wordpress admin dashboard, and if needed, FTP account. I will be logging in into your wordpress admin account and installing few plugins, and also scripts.

How Can You Trust Me?

No work can be done if we don’t trust each other. If you feel insecure someone logging in into your wordpress admin account, you can do three things :

  1. Create another admin account for me to with installation privilege. OR
  2. Clone your website like it is still in staging mode, so nothing will harm your production site. OR
  3. Backup all your website before I optimize it, so you can roll back if anything happens.

Or you can do the three of them.

How to Order?

You can order my wordpress speed optimization service through a marketplace platform called Fiverr. It’s a huge marketplace where people selling service and some cool stuffs. 

It functions like an escrow service. They will hold the payment to me, until the goal has been reached and you permit the payment to be forwarded to my account.

If you feel unsatisfied, you can file an issue to them and they will act like an arbitrage to our case.